Pilot-Owner Maintenance Training

Why attend the training?

Owning and operating an aircraft means more than just flying it. If you intend to become a knowledgeable owner who understands his aircraft, you can start with Aufwind courses on user assisted maintenance.

Within the EASA regulations a pilot-owner has many options to be involved in the maintenance of their aircraft. But neither the maintenance and airworthiness regulations, nor the performance of maintenance is part of the private pilot syllabus.

You can learn anything about maintenance regulations in our EASA maintenance seminars. If you want to learn how to perform maintenance on your aircraft, book one of our pilot-owner-maintenance training courses.

Guided by our trained technicians, you will learn how to perform typical pilot-owner maintenance tasks. The actual performed tasks at the On-Site training can vary widely depending on your aircraft type and the scheduled aircraft maintenance. Some expamples: 
• performing oil changes, servicing engine oil system
• checking and servicing ignition system
• servicing, checking, cleaning and lubricating of the airframe
• servicing batteries, checking electric system
• performing periodic maintenance checks (50h/100h)
• servicing and checking landing gear
• performing borescope inspections

In addition, you will learn the general skills of owner assisted aircraft maintenance
• Planning Maintenance Tasks according to the Design Approval Holders Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness
• Tool usage and Workshop Safety
• Performing preventive Maintenance
• Identifying Aircraft grade hardware
• Handling of aircraft components

About Your Hosts

Your hosts will be experienced technicians and depending on the scheduled aircraft maintenance you will also be guided by certifiying staff.

Upcoming Opportunities and Services

Date and Duration

Depending on your technical background, aircraft type and maintenance scheduled the courses may vary from 1 to 3 days.


During winter 2020/2021 the On-Site training will take place at the airfield Padborg (EKPB) near the german-danish border. 

What will be provided

Tools will be provided fur the duration of the training, as well as the applicable maintenance data. All tasks are performed according to Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014. Eventually needed task specialists and additional certifying staff can be organized by Aufwind. 

How can I apply?

The topics of On-Site training in Pilot-Owner Maintenance are varying widely, as we mentioned several times. Please get in contact with us, so we can define the topics, the date and duration, pricing and other items according to your needs and wishes. 

+49 (0) 170 341 641 0

Call or write via messengers


Please give us some details about you and your aircraft. Further please provide a telephone number, we might have some detailed questions.

Wait! What is a EASA-Regulation?

It might be useful to get a grip onto European Maintenance Regulations before attending your On-Site-Training. European Law as well as Guidance Material is published via EASA, but it might get difficult to get through the regulations what is needed to know for Pilot Owner Maintenance: 


EASA Regulations

If you need help understanding EASA, please check, if our Introduction to European Aircraft Maintenance Regulations could be useful:

Seminar - Introduction to European aircraft maintenance for pilot-owners

Get an introduction to EASA maintenance regulations and be able to answer for your privatley used aircraft many questions like: What is an AMP? Who can release work on my aircraft? What documentation do I need? Can I do repairs myself? We're offering online seminars in two languages.
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