A test-Seminar – Introduction to European aircraft maintenance for pilot-owners

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About the Seminar

Owning and operating an aircraft under European EASA regulations can be a steep learning curve. Within the EASA system, every pilot is licensed to perform maintenance on his privately used aircraft. But neither the maintenance and airworthiness regulations, nor the performance of maintenance is part of the private pilot syllabus. 

Aufwind wants to help pilot-owners of light aircraft to get a grip on maintenance regulations. In our online maintenance introduction seminar, we want to help the many questions, owners of aircraft have asked us. What is an AMP? Who can release work on my aircraft? What Documentation do I need? Can I do repairs myself? 

To answer these and similar questions, we are providing online introduction seminars to aircraft maintenance. We want to enable owner-pilots and managers of aero-clubs to gather reliable information about the operation and maintenance of their aircraft. 

The topics of the seminar are:

  • Introduction into the system of EU aviation regulations.
  • Types of maintenance, repairs and changes to aircraft.
  • Overview over EASA maintenance organisations (CAO, CAMO, Part145, etc.) and maintenance licenses. 
  • Aircraft classification and maintenance regimes. 
  • Documentation of maintenance, repairs and changes.
  • Use of parts and materials
  • Maintenance manuals and documentation - where to get the data? 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMP)
  • Discussion of practical examples
  • Participation Options at EASA regulations

There is no previous knowledge necessary to attend the seminar. 

About Your Host

Malte Höltken
Malte Höltkenmalte@aufwind.aero
Malte soloed in a glider in 1995 at an age of 13. Since then he has become a flight instructor for aircraft and has flown over 50 different aircraft types. Malte works in aircraft certification with Aircraft Design Certification GmbH since 2015, where he has gained flight testing experience on four EASA aircraft type certificate and supplemental type certificate programs. He has developed continuing airworthiness tests for on condition testing. Malte graduated RWTH Aachen University as a M.Sc. in aeronautical engineering. He focused on structural dynamics, aeroelastics and hydroaviation where he calculated hydrodynamic loads on seaplane hulls, amphibious aircraft hydrodynamics and developed a system to translate aircraft role tasks into top level aircraft design requirements and a task suitability evaluation system. He has set up an Approved Training Organisation with the LSV Eschendorf and has been the safety and compliance manager for seven years. Besides the pilot licenses, he holds an EASA Part-66 licence category L1 & L2. He is performing pre-purchase aircraft reviews since 2010 and writes about technical topics in AOPA-Germany letter.


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