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Why Aufwind was established

AUFWIND is a small Team of General Aviation Enthusiasts and Specialists. We once discovered that there is benefit of delivering engineering, research & development, technical advice, education, flight training and much more out of one single bureau to GA stakeholders. Have a look at our growing portfolio below.

Flight OPs Project: ESA AIR-SOS

Validating Detection Of Marine Litter From Space.

The project aims to collect high-quality and high-resolution data on floating objects in coastal waters near the mouth of the River Elbe. It will use a seaplane on clear and still (low wind) days to collect data at the same time as the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites collect data of the same location. In this way, the project will assess and validate the ability of Sentinel-2 and developed algorithms to monitor floating plastic marine litter from space.
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Latest News from Aufwind

AOPA-Newsletter Germany: How to apply Standard Repairs (CS-STAN)

Aufwind21. December 2020
After explaining Standard Changes in AOPA-Germany Newsletter 5-20, Malte explains Standard Changes and how to apply them to your aircraft in the current Newsletter 6-20. The article is in german
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New Seminar Dates

Aufwind18. December 2020
New Seminar dates are now available: Jan 23, 2021 – Einführung in Europäische Flugzeugwartung für Piloten und Eigner Jan 30, 2021 – Introduction to European Maintenance Regulations for Pilot-Owners Feb
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New Workshop: How to set up your own AMP

Aufwind12. November 2020
Aufwind is happy to offer a new workshop for owners of aircraft maintained under EASA Part-ML regulations. EASA Part-ML maintenance regulations allow owners and operators or aircraft to define deviations
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