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Why Aufwind was established

AUFWIND is a small Team of General Aviation Enthusiasts and Specialists. We once discovered that there is benefit of delivering engineering, flight training, technical advice, education and much more out of one single bureau to GA stakeholders. Have a look at our growing portfolio below.

Latest News from Aufwind

AOPA-Newsletter GERMANY: How To Apply Standard Changes (CS-STAN)

Aufwind30. October 2020
In the current AOPA letter (5-20) of AOPA-Germany, Malte explains Standard Changes and how to apply them to your aircraft. The article is in german language and can be found
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Aufwind has been selected by ESA to engage in Marine Litter Detection

Aufwind7. October 2020
Höltken Solutions and partners have entered a European Space Agency contract to validate and assess plastic marine litter remote detection, using amphibious aircraft as carrier for multispectral camera systems. AUFWIND
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How to fly your engine past TBO on Part-ML

Aufwind21. August 2020
In the current AOPA Letter (4/20) of AOPA Germany, Malte has described how to trace the TBO for your aircraft and how to include it in your aircraft maintenance program.
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Flight OPs Project: ESA AIR-SOS

Validating Detection Of Marine Litter From Space.

The project aims to collect high-quality and high-resolution data on floating objects in coastal waters near the mouth of the River Elbe. It will use a seaplane on clear and still (low wind) days to collect data at the same time as the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites collect data of the same location. In this way, the project will assess and validate the ability of Sentinel-2 and developed algorithms to monitor floating plastic marine litter from space.

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