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Airworthiness Service

Need Support with Airworthiness Documents?We offer quick Airworthiness Service for Aircraft Owners as well as Aircraft Maintenance Facilities.

While Maintenance is primarily done in the workshop, control of an aircrafts’ airworthiness is mainly a desk-job and done on the computer. Aufwind supports owners in fulfilling their duties in keeping the maintenance files current and in accordance with the current regulations.

Aircraft Maintenance Programme

The Aircraft Maintenance Program is the core document in airworthiness management of an aircraft. This document lists the tasks to be performed during the periodic inspections and considers Minimum Inspection Items, special aircraft usage considerations, the impact of alterations, airworthiness directives, airworthiness limitation items and agency measures. Aufwind has experience in developing Aircraft Maintenance Programs along with the owner to assemble a program that is sensible to follow for the individual aircraft and makes periodic maintenance predictable.

Preparation of Maintenance Files

The content of maintenance files for aircraft are mandated by the European Aviation Safety Agency. We help owners to set up a system to maintain the maintenance file, necessary lists and tracking of maintenance items. The maintenance file will be set up in a way to be able to spot the essential and important items, stripping unnecessary and non-applicable information from view. By improving the “signal to noise ratio” within the maintenance documentation system we not only make operation of the aircraft cheaper and faster, but also more safe and easier to comprehend.


For the embodiment of certain types of changes, documentation must be generated. For example, some Standard Changes demand the creation of Flight and Maintenance Manual addendums. Others require the acceptance of certain parts without the use of a Form 1 by the owner. We help owners to manage these documentation requirements in accordance with with regulations and general aviation industry practice.

Airworthiness Reviews

Once every year, the aircraft needs to undergo an airworthiness review. This review certifies, that all scheduled maintenance has been taken care of and the aircraft documentation is in order to trace the important items. Aufwind can perform the annual Airworthiness Review of your aircraft and issue the appropriate Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

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