Part ML – Aircraft Maintenance Programme Workshop

Aufwind is happy to offer a new workshop for owners of aircraft maintained under EASA Part-ML regulations.

EASA Part-ML maintenance regulations allow owners and operators or aircraft to define deviations from the maintenance procedures on her responsibility in the Aircraft Maintenance Program.

In this online workshop the participants can close their knowledge gaps individually and develop their individual Aircraft Maintenance Program for self-declaration.

During this workshop the following systematic approach to your induvidual AMP will be used:

• Introducing the underlying concepts of Aircraft Maintenance Programs and their legal basis
• Establishment of individual AMP for an aircraft based on prepared document templates
• Help and hints for establishment of deviations from Instructions for Continued Airworthiness by the Design Approval Holder while maintaining compliance to the Minimum Inspection Program defined by EASA.
• Tipps for the continuing adaption of the Aircraft Maintenance Program

Because of the many individual questions and approaches we limit the access to the seminar/coaching to a smaller number of the participants.

The first workshop will be held in German language in cooperation with AOPA Germany. We're working on a english workshop.

Knowledge about EASA regulations?

It might be useful to get a grip onto European Maintenance Regulations before attending the AMP workshop. European Law as well as Guidance Material is published via EASA, but it might get difficult to get through the regulations what is needed to know for Pilot Owner Maintenance: 


EASA Regulations

If you need help understanding EASA, please check, if our Introduction to European Aircraft Maintenance Regulations could be useful:

Seminar - Introduction to European aircraft maintenance for pilot-owners

Get an introduction to EASA maintenance regulations and be able to answer for your privatley used aircraft many questions like: What is an AMP? Who can release work on my aircraft? What documentation do I need? Can I do repairs myself? We're offering online seminars in two languages.
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