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Self-Improvement Seminars

Seminar - Introduction to European aircraft maintenance for pilot-owners

Get a coaching in EASA maintenance regulations and be able to answer for yourself and your privatley used aircraft many questions like: What is an AMP? Who can release work on my aircraft? What documentation do I need? Can I do repairs myself? We're offering online seminars in two languages.

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Workshop - Part ML Aircraft Maintenance Programme Workshop

EASA Part-ML maintenance regulations allow owners and operators or aircraft to define deviations from the maintenance procedures on her responsibility in the Aircraft Maintenance Program. In this online workshop the participants can close their knowledge gaps individually and develop their individual Aircraft Maintenance Program for self-declaration.

Seminar Details

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Aircraft Flight Manuals and how they are established

Every Pilot has read at least one AFM at least once. But which parts of the Manual contain approved data and which parts are additional information? How reliable is the given performance data and how do manufacturers come up with he numbers? Malte is giving a brief insight into the art of writing aircraft flight manuals and the science of obtaining the numbers.