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Pre-Purchase Review

Pre-Purchase Status Review

Before an aircraft is purchased, it needs to be technically reviewed. The new owner wants to know that the aircraft is safe to fly, but also what kind of maintenance tasks will most likely occur within the first seasons of operation, if the maintenance file is in alignment with the regulations and if the aircraft is in the condition as advertised. The pre-purchase status review differs greatly from the usually annual or periodic inspection, as the intention of a maintenance inspection differs from the pre-purchase status review.


Aufwind knows the process of registration of an aircraft with the German authorities and can assist the owner in this process. Furthermore, we can perform the complete registration process for the customer. For example, if a non-german speaking EU citizen intends to register an aircraft in Germany, we can help in this process from start to finish.

Aircraft Purchase Consulting

If you are in the market to purchase an aircraft and have a general idea what you intend to use your future aircraft for, but do not know the market or the implications with specific aircraft types, Aufwind can assist you in finding the right aircraft for your mission and budget.

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