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Assisted Maintenance / Assisted Pilot-Owner Maintenance

Understanding the technical details of your aircraft improves flight safety and fun in owning a general aviation aircraft. We welcome you as involved owner to assist in all maintenance, airworthiness, modification, or repair tasks under supervision of our certifying staff.

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Maintenance Service

Aufwind is your partner in operating and maintaining your aircraft. We will be glad to perform these services for you if you do not like to get involved into maintenance

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Registration and receiving agent service for D-reg aircraft

Registration and receiving agent service for D-reg aircraft Based on §3 LuftVZO, any citizen of an EASA member state is legally authorised to register an aircraft to his name in Germany, as long as a German residing receiving agent is named. Aufwind will assist you in registering your new aircraft in Germany.

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Airworthiness Service

While Maintenance is mostly done in the workshop, control of an aircrafts’ airworthiness is mainly a desk-job and done in the computer. Aufwind supports owners in fulfilling their duties in keeping the maintenance files current and in alignment with the regulations

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Pre Purchase Inspections

Before an aircraft is purchased, it needs to be reviewed technically. The owner needs not only know if the aircraft is safe to fly, but also what kind of maintenance tasks will most likely occur within the first seasons of operation, if the maintenance file is in alignment with the regulations and if the aircraft is in the condition as advertised.

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