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Maintenance Service

Aufwind is your partner in operating and maintaining your aircraft. Of course, we will be happy to perform these services for you if you do not like to get involved into the maintenance of your aircraft. 

Periodical Inspections

Regular inspections and checks in accordance with the Aircraft Maintenance Programme are usually performed after every 50 or 100 hours of flight time and at least once a year. They are the basis of the safe operation of an aircraft and help spotting developing issues with the aircraft before they become a serious and expensive issue. Aufwind can assist you in performing these inspections and guide you through the entire process.


Aircraft are built to standards which allow them to fly straight and level without constant input or corrections from the pilot. If this is not the case with your aircraft, or it needs constant control input to fly straight, the cause is often a misalignment of wings or control surfaces. We can assist you in rigging the aircraft properly and guide you through the systematic process of aircraft rigging by changing the angles of incidence and settings of control surfaces.

Mass & Balance

Not only the regulations require the mass and balance sheet to be correct. The Pilot also wants to know that the useful load and possible load distributions for safe flight are met. We can assist you in performing a new weighting if your aircraft has undergone changes or if you want to be sure about the correct payload and center of gravity of your aircraft.


Sometime, servicing an aircraft just isn’t enough: When something breaks, you find a “hangar rash” on your aircraft or the aircraft has made a hard landing or suffered a prop strike, a repair might be necessary. Aufwind can assist you in tracing spare parts, performing repairs on metal, wood and composite structures, engines, electrics, and parts.


Changes to aircraft can only be made, if they are certified either by a supplemental type certificate, minor change or standard change. We can help you to embody these changes to your aircraft, in accordance with the documentation requirements.


Especially on older aircraft, wear and usage can lead to defects and failures that are not easily rectified. Fighting the symptoms of a failure is usually only a remedy of short duration. Finding the origin of a problem, however, can be a time-consuming and tedious process that can easily become an expensive maintenance experience. We assist the aircraft owner by creating a troubleshooting plan and helping to systematically find the origin of faults. Thereby we can reduce costs of troubleshooting and are often able to prevent costly and unnecessary overhaul of components or items.

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