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D-reg Service

Based on §3 LuftVZO, any citizen of an EASA member state is legally authorised to register an aircraft to his name in Germany, as long as a German residing receiving agent is named.

Aufwind will assist you in registering your new aircraft in Germany and
• Prepare application forms “signature ready”
• Pre-check completeness of papers for a fast application process with the LBA
• Coordinate, translate and consult on incoming inquiries by LBA

Others About Our D-Reg Service

We are group of owners of one aircraft in D-Reg. With help of Malte, we hept it in German register that came with a lot of benefits. Malte is an expert in aviation law and procedures, he had anwsers to all of our questions. Communication was excellent, with a lot of advises and suggestions. He was always there for all questions we had, always everything on time. I hope we will cooperate again.

Armin Nesiren


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