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Assisted Maintenance

Many aircraft owners are not just interested in flying their aircraft, but also in maintaining it to a higher standard than would be economically feasible with contracted service work. Aufwind helps owners to perform maintenance on their aircraft safely and effectively.

Pilot-Owner Maintenance

Learn About Processes and How To Perform Maintenance

One core element for mechanically inclined aircraft owners is the limited pilot-owner maintenance authorisation of ML.A.803. Aufwind can help learning about the processes within pilot-owner maintenance and guide through the process of performing maintenance on aircraft, including a proper release to service upon finishing the maintenance tasks.

Rent Space for Pilot-Owner Maintenance

If you are already an experienced aircraft owner, you can rent space and tools in our workshop to perform maintenance on your aircraft within the scope of pilot-owner maintenance. Our experienced mechanics and certifying staff can then assist you and consult as necessary.

Owner Assisted Work

Owner Assisted Troubleshooting

If systems on aircraft are not working as planned, troubleshooting can be a tedious and time-consuming task. With the assistance of Aufwind, you can go through the troubleshooting steps and identify and rectify failures. This way you not only rectify the failure, you also get to know your systems in depth.

Owner Assisted Maintenance

Some maintenance tasks and some repairs need to be performed by appropriate licensed certifying staff, or under the direct and continuous supervision of certified staff. With Aufwind, you can perform these tasks in our workshop or in your hangar under our supervision and assistance. From inspection to inspection, you will gain experience in safely and economically maintaining your aircraft.

Owner Assisted Restoration

Are you planning something bigger than just the routine maintenance and rectification of failures that occur in operation of the aircraft? Aufwind can guide you through the process of the restoration of a complete aircraft. From assisting with performing the restoration tasks, tracing parts, the complete paperwork process from initial diagnosis / report to the final release to service and airworthiness review, you can profit from our experience going through this process several times

Owner Assisted Modification

All modifications on aircraft need proper certification before they can be embodied in an aircraft. Aufwind can assist you in installing Supplemental Type Certiciates as well as Major and Minor Changes. We can help you document your Standard Changes and our partners can help certify individual changes to your aircraft.

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