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AMP application form

    Thank you for your trust in Aufwind to develop your aircraft maintenance program in alignment with ML.A.302. Please provide us with the necessary information to start and develop the program.

    If the operator is not identical with the owner, please provide details of the owner of the aircraft. If the operator is the same as the owner, please just leave this section blank.

    The Aircraft is identified by the airframe, engine and propeller (if applicable). Please provide us with the information to define the aircraft in the AMP. If the aircraft is a glider, please leave the fields for engine / Propeller empty.

    Please answer the following questions about the maintenance of this aircraft.
    If you are unsure, please state if AUFWIND shall contact you to guide you through these questions:

    Maintenance Basis:

    Every Aircraft Maintenance Program is based either on the Manufactureres Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA) or on a Minimum Inspection Program. EASA has detailled a possible MIP for aircraft, gliders and powered gliders in AMC 1 ML.A.302(d). In most cases, Aufwind recommends the use of the generic Minimum Inspection Program as a basis of the Aircraft Maintenance Program. Based on the MIP, Aufwind will then incorporate further mandatory and recommended maintenance tasks based on the data given below.
    If you are unsure, Aufwind can advise you individually on the AMP basis.

    Operations Approval:

    Different Operations demand different maintenance tasks of the aircraft. Please state, what kind of operations is the aircraft intended to fulfil.

    First, select if the aircraft is used privately, by an aeroclub or in commercial operations. Please note, that the use of an aircraft by a company for travel or charter still is defined within private use.

    Secondly, please state if specialised operations are performed with the aircraft

    Flight rules:

    Aircraft Utilisation:

    Pilot Owner Maintenance:

    Name and pilot license number of all owners who are eligible to perform pilot-owner maintenance on the aircraft. Aeroclubs can insert the name of a list/document that lists all members eligible to perform pilot-owner maintenance. Leave blank, if no pilot-owner maintenance is wished or allowed.

    Modifications and Repairs:

    Please state any modifications or repairs that might have an impact on current maintenance tasks (i.e. GNSS devices, FLARM, Tow-hooks, etc.)

    Airworthiness Directives

    Please list all recurring airworthiness directives

    alternatively, please upload the current AD List of the aircraft

    or please contract AUFWIND to provide you with a new current airworthiness directive list for the aircraft (this option will be invoiced based on time spent, but not more than €714,00 incl. VAT)