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First AIR-SOS Flights

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In corporation with SkyfloX, AUFWIND has performed the first flights to aid in marine litter detection by satellite data. With a MAYA multispectral camera that was lent by the University of Nottingham, AUFWIND has collected over 400 GB earth observation data of interesting objects in the German Bight between Sylt and the Elbe River. Plymouth Marine Laboratory will process these data to be able to improve on satellite data extraction of marine litter positions.

Developing the services, AUFWIND can now offer earth observation flights with a MICASENSE multispectral camera. Furthermore, AUFWIND has engineered the capabilities to carry up to 4 kg sensors below each wing facing down and several opportunities for upward and forward looking sensors into the LAKE LA-4-200 amphibious aircraft, turning it into Europes only amphibious flying science laboratory.

For further capabilities and more information about our services, please contact us!